Mode Paepke & von Froben, Bad Zwischenahn

Great shop for people with a shoe taste and a heart for quality.
In the Horst 11 | 26160 Bad Zwischenahn | Tel: +4944036020848

Casual Couture, Hamburg

Super store with an extraordinary selection for the football fan with a weakness for the special and beyond.
Thielbek 5 | 20355 Hamburg | Tel: +494079028808

Bold, Aachen

In Rob's shop you can spend hours browsing. Definitely the best selection in Aachen.
Wirichbongardstrasse 12 | 52062 Aachen | Tel: +4924118927679

Stuf / f - Fine Goods, Düsseldorf

 Düsseldorf's task force for cool pieces, Japan denim and everything a quality-conscious man desires.
Birkenstrasse 40 | 40233 Düsseldorf | Tel: +491722611187

Stilkontor, Leipzig

The hottest shop within 150km. A great selection of manufacture products for men.
Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 30 | 04107 Leipzig | Tel: +4934159404944

Truffle Pig, Berlin

Our first shop in Berlin impresses with a great atmosphere, nice staff and a wide range of great things to discover.
Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 21 | 10178 Berlin | Tel: +493070221225

Classic Kontor, Erkelenz

Nice, big back yard shop full of interesting and high quality clothes and accessories for men.
Kölner Strasse 24A | 41812 Erkelenz | Tel: +492431806580


bubeundkönig, Nuremberg

The boys here at bubeundkönig put their heart and soul into their work. To put it in Raimar's words: "Really great stuff!"
Fruit market 22 | 90403 Nuremberg | Tel: +4991199283690

Home of Blues, Karlsruhe

The best and highest quality range of great pieces for ladies and gentlemen in Karlsruhe and the surrounding area.
Ask the dude. He makes you happy.
Amthausstrasse 2 | 76227 Karlsruhe | Tel: +4972195968367

Stammhalter, Loerrach

tribe holder
Awesome place for real guys in which flies and tunnels are not opposites.
Basler Strasse 158 | 79539 Loerrach | Tel: +4976217704500

Ciao Ragazzi, Stuttgart

Chic, large backyard shop with well-known and unusual pieces and a great ambience.
Rotebühlstrasse 59A | 70178 Stuttgart | Tel: +4971125510863

Specimen Style Co., Rapperswil (CH)

New great store with a wonderful flair and great interior. Olivier's range makes every man's heart beat faster.
Obere Bahnhofstrasse 52 | CH-8640 Rapperswil | Tel: +41552119900

Haftton Clothing, Salzburg (AT)

Haftton is a real men's shop with bespoke service. Immerse yourself in a world far from the fashion mainstream.
Rainerstrasse 2 | AT-5020 Salzburg | Tel: +43662873398