Mode Paepke & von Froben, Bad Zwischenahn

Great store for people with a shoe obsession and a heart for quality.
In the Horst 11 | 26160 Bad Zwischenahn | Phone: +4944036020848

Casual couture, Hamburg

casual couture
Great store with an exceptional selection for the football fan with a penchant for something special and beyond.
Thielbek 5 | 20355 Hamburg | Phone: +494079028808

Stuf / f - Fine Goods, Düsseldorf

 Düsseldorf's task force for cool pieces, Japan denim and everything a quality-conscious man desires.
Birkenstrasse 40 | 40233 Dusseldorf | Phone: +491722611187

The Old Loom, Rees

Specialist shop for high-quality pieces from well-known British, Irish and Breton manufacturers for men and women.
Upper Town 2 | 46459 Rees a. Lower Rhine | Tel: +49175 8220386

Stilbontor, Leipzig

The best shop within 150km. A great selection of handmade products for men.
Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 30 | 04107 Leipzig | Phone: +4934159404944

Kelly's, Kiel

Probably the father of the charming men's boutique. Here you can browse in a sophisticated way with excellent advice.
Danish Street 24| 24103 Kiel| Tel: +49431915560


Raimar Bradt, Fuerth

Everything "made in Germany" - an unusual and optimistic concept as well as a declaration of love for customers and craftsmen alike.
Koenigstrasse 147| 90762 Fuerth | Phone: +4991181708910

Home of Blues, Karlsruhe

The best and highest quality range of great pieces for upscale street style in Karlsruhe and the surrounding area.
Ask the Dude. He makes you happy.
Amthausstrasse 2 | 76227 Karlsruhe | Phone: +4972195968367

Stammhalter, Loerrach

tribe holder
The store for real guys where bow ties and tunnels are not opposites.
Basler Strasse 158 | 79539 Loerrach | Phone: +4976217704500

Specimen Style Co., Rapperswil (CH)

Great new store with wonderful flair and great furnishings. Olivier's range makes every man's heart beat faster.
Obere Bahnhofstrasse 52 | CH-8640 Rapperswil | Phone: +41552119900

Atelier Treger, Lucerne (CH)

Beautiful shop in Lucerne with custom-made service and suspenders, bow ties and handkerchiefs made in-house.
Klosterstrasse 11 | CH-6003 Lucerne | Tel: +41412400836

British Parts, Lucerne (CH)

Located outside Lucerne and an ideal excursion destination for bikers with taste.
Sonnmatthof 2 | CH-6023 Rothenburg | Tel: +41415300031