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Jackets from Germany

HiDDEN ACES, based in North Rhine-Westphalia, was founded by tailor and designer Robin Hildisch. HiDDEN ACES offers you jackets and coats as they should be: timeless, comfortable and versatile. We use the best fabrics and ingredients that world-renowned and sustainable traditional companies have to offer. This and the high-quality workmanship of German and Polish manufacturers, the tailored cuts and our passion for functional details make HiDDEN ACES an ace up the sleeve in the game of life.

HiDDEN ACES are well thought out favorite jackets for every day that you have to try on and feel. Therefore you can find us mainly at local dealers. Visit one of our partner shops.
If things have to go quickly, you will of course find many of our products in the online shop.

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Tired of online shopping? Just have a look at a regional store and experience our products up close and real service with a cup of coffee and a nice chat!

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