Size Chart

Since every jacket and every coat has a special purpose and you wear clothes of different thicknesses underneath, our measurement tables differ slightly. The dimensions are the external dimensions of the models.
It is best to measure your favorite jacket and compare it. Note that padded winter jackets are about 4cm narrower. With the parka 6cm.

Or measure yourself. Example: You are interested in a Jupiter Trench and have a chest circumference of 102 cm. If you like to put on shirts underneath, they come out with a fullness of about 5cm, with sweaters about 7-8cm. So your chest measurement is 107-110. If the other measurements are correct, your size would be an M.
Incidentally, with the Zephyr too, since the shirt option is probably no longer available and the parka is 6cm narrower due to the padding (see above).
Waist and waist size are handled in the same way as in the example. By the way, arm length and shoulder width are dimensions that vary greatly from person to person. Should these deviate significantly, I am happy to provide you with advice and assistance.
Should they also be a little larger vertically or horizontally, of course.
Please write to me:
Attention: all changed jackets (concerning dimensions, color and model properties) are non-returnable.