Original wax bar

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Original wax bar from the manufacturer of our wax materials Halley Stevensons. It renews the water-repellent properties of wax fabrics, is suitable for jackets, but above all more universally for regrowing coarser fabrics such as bags or hats. 


Regular waterproofing extends the durability of your water-repellent fabric.

Clean the object to be grown with a damp, lint-free sponge and allow to dry. Rub the wax directly onto the surface using long, even strokes. Then heat the fabric with applied wax using a hairdryer and distribute the wax evenly with a sponge. Allow object to harden in a warm place for 24 hours.

For fabrics with C4X finish and stiffer fabrics. 

The fabric can be given a new, dry and brittle look with the help of the Wax Bar!

Content: 75g