Everwax 50ml

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Halley Stevenson's Everwax is a blend of natural and vegetable waxes and oils that maintain the fabric's water-repellent properties. Ideal for smaller areas where the wax has dried out or worn away, such as collars, shoulders, elbows, cuffs or hems. 


Regular regrowth extends the durability of your water-repellent jacket.

Clean the jacket with a damp, lint-free sponge. Use on dry jacket. Place the wax can in warm water to soften the wax. Then apply evenly to the areas to be waxed with a cotton cloth. Let dry. Possibly reheat briefly with a hair dryer to distribute the wax more evenly afterwards. 

The particularly sustainable solution for regrowing all of our wax jackets.

Content: 50ml

(32,25€/ 100ml)