Surcharge custom-made

Special Price Price €119,00 Normal price Price  pros 

VAT included

Surcharge for special requests in material and slight change in design. 

This lump sum has become necessary because I complete these orders completely by myself, I am completely involved with the label and I have to find additional capacities that I use for this.

Please contact me prior to booking to discuss the custom order. 

This does not apply to custom-made products, which remain free of charge. 

Custom orders take up to 8 weeks. 

Is possible:

  • Production of jackets in the materials shown in the online shop
  • Materials depending on the agreement from contingent
  • Small model changes (e.g. different bags)

Not possible:

  • Complex cut change for design reasons
  • unlined wax jackets (my lining is exclusively wax resistant)
  • thick wool for Jupiter, Pollux and Castor (doesn't look good, believe me)
  • zephyr

TIP! I'm a graduate fashion designer, so get advice and together we'll make you a jacket that you'll love. Don't spoil your stomach at the cold buffet!